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JUN 27, 2017
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Sermon The Case for Amillennialism | Jonathan Jackson
Jonathan Jackson from Houston
"Thanks gentlemen! All glory goes to God. Mr. Gross, please email me at..."
-44 hrs 
Sermon Secrets From John 3 | Dr. James M. Phillips
Marilyn from Fish Lake Valley Nv.
-45 hrs 
Sermon Evangelical Conditionalism | Sean E. Harris
Nathaniel Blaney
-47 hrs  10 
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News Item1/23/11 5:53 PM
J. Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J. Paul
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It is more difficult to be a Christian and a politician today then ever before, with America becoming more of a multicultural, pluralistic, post-Christian society.

Today's politician is pressured to be completely enclusive, similar to CEOs in leadership positions. It is not enough for him to accept everyone, unitarianism is the top choice.

News Item1/23/11 4:26 PM
J. Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J. Paul
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nottony wrote:
Tony,didn't Jesus say let him who is without sin cast the first stone.
Dude,you been slingin a lot of rocks lately.
Actually, honestly speaking, this story is not in the oldest manuscripts.

News Item11/22/10 11:05 PM
J Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J Paul
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The Church in Sardis:

...thou hast a name that thou livest, and art dead.

Be watchful, and strengthen the things which remain, that are ready to die: for I have not found thy works perfect before God. Remember therefore how thou hast received and heard, and hold fast, and repent.

The Church in Pergamos:

Repent; or else I will come unto thee quickly, and will fight against them with the sword of my mouth. To him that overcometh will I give to eat of the hidden manna...

The Church in Ephesus:

...thou hast left thy first love. Remember therefore from whence thou art fallen, and repent, and do the first works...

News Item11/22/10 10:22 PM
J Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J Paul
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Missionary Alliance isn't pentecostal.
Jim, I have not taken the time to read these links. What I will say is that I have attended A/G and CMA churches and they have more in common than not. What eventually became the Assemblies of God, was in part due to CMA experiencing Pentecostal revivals. Granted, after being impacted in their school back east and diverse churches, they decided to hold the line rather than allow themselves to become completely emerged in the movement. Nevertheless, I recall just a few years ago an evangelist with the CMA reporting how some are slain in the spirit at a CMA church here in Illinois. What is most interesting to me is that they were also both organized for the same reason: to send out missionaries. The only two denominations that are currently growing in Canada are guess...

Neil wrote:
I do not hear many Pentecostals repudiating Roman/Orthodox doctrine either.
Seldom do I hear the Roman Catholic church being repudiated or any other cult for that matter. It seems to be out of vogue in recent years. I do remember attending an apologetic conference in Chicago where a panel of scholars wanted to call Pentecostals heretics and yet fully embrace Catholics.

News Item11/22/10 10:06 PM
J Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J Paul
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Get real Paul! I do not presume to know anything about this guy. But to make a similarity between owning a car and sexual deviancy is mind-boggling. I hope that you at least brush your teeth before sharing the "law and gospel." There's nothing wrong with having a clean car or working on it as a hobby. Using it as a spring board to share Christ is probably not going to bother God. I can't remember the last time a Christian witnessed to me.

News Item11/22/10 9:53 PM
J Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J Paul
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It's always nice to hear some good news. "Christmas" has been the long standing tradition in celebration during this time of year, not "Winter Solstice." Jesus is the reason for the season.

News Item5/19/10 2:12 AM
JPaul | Illinois  Find all comments by JPaul
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Jim Lincoln wrote:
Yes, agreed, Scott and Rick, there are seeker and pentecostal churches are not advancing God's Word,
I take issue with that my brother. I go to a Pentecostal church here locally. There are only a handful of churches reaching out with the Gospel - they are full Gospel churches. There are only tow that I am aware of that are willing to roll up their sleaves and proclaim the Gospel to the ghettos, the First Assembly of God and the Missionary Alliance church plant (incidentally both denominations have ties, historically speaking).

I'm just waiting to see one single reformed minister on the street and in ghetto. I remember when Franky Schaeffer came to a church in Champaign some years ago. I was astounded to hear him say that nobody but his church has apostolic succession. I couldn't help but marvel at this. The only two Orthodox Christians I have ever met spend their Sundays working in their restraunt.

I remember going out to college campuses with an open air preacher several years ago. Christians would come up and criticize his style or his message. Whenever I would ask them what they were doing for the Kingdom, they would walk away in silence.

Shame! And I say this as a brother, my brother.

News Item5/19/10 2:00 AM
JPaul | Illinois  Find all comments by JPaul
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Tony Lopez-Cisneros wrote:
Earlier This Afternoon I Joined Myself With A BROTHER IN CHRIST, A Former Mormon, Who Was Street Preaching Just Up The Street Here On CHICAGO'S GOLD COAST (ON MICHIGAN AVE.) At WATERTOWER PLACE !

AMEN ! ! !

Amen brother! Keep on preaching the word - as long as your doing it in love!!! Homosexuals are looking for a fight, but "love," thats something they don't expect. I've preached up at the corner of Wilson and Broadway many a time. And the at the Taste too. (The last time the cops chased us off)

News Item1/5/10 12:34 PM
JPaul | Illinios  Find all comments by JPaul
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News Item1/5/10 12:31 PM
JPaul | Illinois  Find all comments by JPaul
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Get real! Yes everyone will be judged. I guess we're going to hell because we don't home school ours? Give me a break dude! Homeschool isn't for everybody.

News Item12/19/09 10:10 PM
J.Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J.Paul
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While I understand the principal of combining youth and adults it will do absolutely little good if adults are unwilling to open up genuinely to young people.

Furthermore, we cannot expect young people to come to our level of intelligence and interests. It would be similar to thinking that a toddler would be ready for Grudem's systematic theology or Keener's commentaries on John.

Another thought, after I was out of the house and left home I found myself at a church with a college and career group that was very engaging. God used that group to make a crucial line to reach me.

Finally, most of these youth leaders are more spirtitual and enthusiastic which is what young people need. No actually I'm wrong, its something we all need!!! Fact is I've heard some of the most firey challenging sermons from youth ministries.

News Item3/19/07 12:02 PM
J Paul | Illinois  Find all comments by J Paul
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Packaged in a high gloss multimedia demonstration, the media is more powerful than the A-Bomb. News sources such as Sermon Audio and others are vital to maintain a balanced perspective on world events. Much of the media takes extreme care to ensure their liberal monopoly remains untouched by authentic Christians. The BBC itself admits its own bias against Christianity. Christians are being hammered in courts, schools, universities and the public offices. Secularism is the goal of the trained elite, fueled by a liberalism that is masked with a misleading humanitarianism.

The Bible and Christianity are under attack by the most skillful strategists. James Cameron suggested that his tomb theory should have been hailed by Christians as the proof of Christ's existence, never mind that it is a dead body. Obviously he is either completely ignorant of this being the cornerstone of the Christian faith or else he carefully took aim and fired. Incidentally, skeptics aren't the only ones who have used junk science and quirky testimonies, Christians have been guilty of much the same.

At any rate, the media plays a major role in the attack against Christians and it is very difficult to shake off. Nevertheless, shake it off we must, even the very dirt that they stand on.

Scott T. Brown
Many Antichrist's Have Come

1 John
Sunday Service
Hope Baptist Church
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