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AUG 22, 2017
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Sermon "Yahweh" is NOT God's Sacred Name | Pastor Sam Adams
B. McCausland
-15 hrs 
Sermon A Study Of Dispensationalism Part One | A. W. Pink
Maryann E Tofte from Houston tx
-20 hrs 
Sermon The Cupbearer Who Wept & Prayed | J. Ryan Davidson
Alyssa from Virginia
-22 hrs 
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News Item10/20/11 11:59 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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John UK wrote:
Apply to ... Jesus ONLY.
Do you assert that "Christ is Lord," believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead, you're saved from eternal damnation and will spend a blissful eternity with Jesus in Heaven? Do you further assert that, once you're saved, you are not required nor do you have any obligation in any way, shape, form or fashion to an affiliation with nor any membership in a church, an ecclesial body, a denomination, etc?

In a word, you're a "Jesus ONLY" Christian, aren't you?

News Item10/20/11 7:44 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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John UK wrote:
(A.) I don't think any of us realise how deeply we sin, in many ways. Jesus made that clear when he opened up the law and showed some of its depths.
And when Paul said, "All have sinned...." there are very few, if any, who fully understand the level of sin they have committed, and do commit, against God.

(B.) Means of justification and hope of heaven, saved by God through faith alone.

(A.) You're admitting that these many Baptist (et al) Churches are engaged in "refined" (Sproul's word) idolatry (Your words: "deep sin") by their vast array of graven images. Whereas, Roman Catholics have their "crass" (Sproul's word) graven images. The OT also has its "crass" graven images that God, Himself, commissioned including graven cherubim and bulls in the Temple and Moses' own graven snake on a pole.

(B.) You agree that Salvation is by Christ's grace alone, thus you would agree with this statement:
"Justification by God's grace through faith in Christ"

Thus I fail to see how becoming a Baptist, or even a Reformed Baptist, saves you any more profoundly than being an "uber" Catholic or even an average Catholic who is already soundly-saved by Christ alone. Amen.

News Item10/17/11 5:52 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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Real Christian wrote:
This is just another so called "church" which Satan has blinded so they cannot read the Bible nor receive the truth.

This Rev Chillingworth already belongs to a "church" which does not obey God nor receive His Word.

This sounds like Donatism.

Just because your pastor is one of these "37 percent of Christian pastors identify pornography as a current struggle," does this mean you're being led by a blinded preacher led by satan? Does this mean he's caught up in a secret sin and shouldn't follow him? How would you even know?

And just because the Presbyterian Church of Scotland founded by John Knox, himself, now ordains openly-gay preachers does this mean all Presbyterians should quit their denominations just because their mother kirk is engaged in and endorsing abomination?

If so, you've got very few denominational and pastoral options.

News Item10/16/11 8:06 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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Similar to the "Coming Home Network" but, instead of a journey to Heaven, let's call it the "Pastors' Hell Network."

Hey, at least they'd be more honest about their calling.

News Item10/15/11 2:07 PM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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Michael Hranek wrote:
What you're saying is:

"I can't clearly define the person of Christ, but I'll know it when I meet someone who knows precisely who He is."

Do you have a secret internal algorithm for defining your Trinitarian and Christological views? If you wrote them down they would become a creed. However, if you did doesn't a creed violate Sola Scriptura?

You seem able to communicate via a form of telepathy so that you know who they are and they know who you are. However, there's nothing written down so anyone considered to be on the outside (e.g., John Yurich) who doesn't share your "secret Bible knowledge," is written off as a damned heretic.

News Item10/15/11 9:26 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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Issue on the table:

Is Romney a Christian? If the Nicene Creed is not a direct litmus test we may use, then what is? He says Jesus is Lord and he believes this in his heart.

How do you differentiate between his Jesus and yours? Aren't they different? What verse(s) would you employ to distinguish between the real Jesus of Nazareth and Romney's false Jesus?

News Item10/15/11 6:29 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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How can we know another man's heart? Perhaps Dr. Lutzer desired to become Catholic and after studying in a Catholic institution, he opted out of it. It's a free country.

Would you prefer that all Catholics be forced to attend BJU or some other college like it? If you did, you'd have some very disaffected alumni on your hands.

Love is the operative word here. Otherwise we'd go around outing the Dr. Mohlers and Dr. Lands of the world who attended historically Catholic institutions.

If we hate those who didn't follow our "flight plan" for *their* lives, does this make them evil?

Faith, hope and love. The greatest of these is love. Let's love today.

News Item10/15/11 6:01 AM
HSY  Find all comments by HSY
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The Roman Catholic Church maintains a good memory of the many 4th Century Christological and Trinitarian heresies. That's why they formulated the Nicene Creed and recite it in every Mass to remind the Christian faithful who God is, who the three persons of the Trinity are and, of the three particularly, who Jesus is. Conversely, the Nicene Creed contains the Gospel boundary markers, even identifying modern heresies.

Although, the 16th Century Reformers would have wished that "imputation" were in the Creed, curiously their heirs, after almost 500 years, never added it. I wonder why.

Without Protestants regularly reciting this Gospel litmus test, how would they avoid the many ancient heresies by merely reading the Bible? With an ignorance of the Nicene Creed, why wouldn't a Protestant assume he knows who Jesus is (he really knows another Jesus)?

Is it any wonder that Catholics emerge as those better able to defend the Christian faith in an antinomian age where heresy runs wild? If a denomination never once recites the Nicene Creed, aren't they breeding vast armies of herertics making the 16th Century sale of indulgences seem rather parochial?

Finally, Romney is a Trinitarian and Christological heretic. Who, but God, can count the ways?

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