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APR 18, 2015
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Sermon The Wind of the Spirit | Dr. David P Murray
Mephibosheth from The King's Table
"My soul waits for The Lord. More than watchman wait for the morning, More..."
-5 hrs 
Sermon No Fear | Joe Cofield
Sharon Pierce from Wiggins,Ms
-9 hrs 
Sermon Joel Osteen | Dr. Alan Cairns
Kofi ntin from Accra
-9 hrs 
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News Item4/1/15 9:30 PM
Grateful | USA  Find all comments by Grateful
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The time has come where even natural affection is lacking.
My heartfelt prayers goes out to anyone experiencing the pangs of loneliness. All of creation is groaning in times like these.
I was taught that God brings about these times to test us, and because he trusts us to cling to the Rock. I'm not sure about him trusting man (he knows what is in man), but almost every child of God goes through this as he sees pervasive evil worldwide. So pray for those you know are in this tribulation with you. Pray for those brethren in the Middle East who are in prisons and in war zones. Pray that he gives you a stronger passion to know him in this suffering. We have been called to be led to the slaughter as sheep whose Shepherd went before us with joy. It is hard I know. Try to go back to the foot of the Cross where you first saw Christ.
We shall see him.
May God's spirit be with your spirit.

News Item3/31/15 10:13 PM
Grateful | On My Kneew  Find all comments by Grateful
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25 For I do not want you, brethren, to be uninformed of this mystery, lest you be wise in your own estimation, that a partial hardening has happened to Israel until the fulness of the Gentiles has come in;
26 and thus all Israel will be saved; just as it is written, "THE DELIVERER WILL COME FROM ZION, HE WILL REMOVE UNGODLINESS FROM JACOB."
28 From the standpoint of the gospel they are enemies for your sake, but from the standpoint of God's choice they are beloved for the sake of the fathers;
29 for the gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.---
and any Jews saved during this Church age, will have to come to Christ exactly the same way as any Gentile does So, yes put them on the Roman Road.[/QUOTE]Jim, you could have not been any clearer.

Also recommended is a thorough study from Genesis to The Revelation to find out what constitutes true Israel. It was always the heart (mind) that God wanted; an inward circumcision.

News Item3/29/15 9:35 AM
Grateful | On My Knees  Find all comments by Grateful
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Thank you "Mourner."
You have made Philemon 7 a reality. Just to have your personal and a specific response meant so much. Sometimes we find that even among those we fello there is no one who shares your perspective, or Biblical view. But your posting did my soul well.
Isaiah 59:
Behold, the Lord's hand is not shortened, that it cannot save; neither his ear heavy, that it cannot hear:
He has heard.
Thank you. God is great to bless you.

News Item3/28/15 3:28 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Find all comments by Grateful
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get real wrote:
I am reconciled with God once more, the trials and tribulations have momentarily lessened, my life not in jeopardy any more, and I believe that whatever comes my way I can now become an over comer in Jesus, I wanted to let everyone who prayed for me and offered supportive words, Thank You, they mean everything to me, and are a great comfort even now.
I sure learned a lot in this trial, to trust Jesus, to trust to reach out to others, to not despair.
May God Bless You and do for you as He has done for me, and may you have the loving kindness of supportive fellowship that you gave me, oh what a comfort it is~!
with love from
get real
P.S. the sermons that were posted during this time are so wonderful, I needed every word~! God Bless~!
Thank God for every Phineas. May our great God bestow manifold blessings on all who live as sanctified ones. We don't want to give the heathen any reason (they might imagine) to blaspheme the Lord.
May we all take Deuteronomy 5:29 to heart so that Psalm 67 becomes a testimony to God's truth. This should be the prayer of every believer - Psalm 67. It changes our perspective each time it is uttered. It wakens us.

Sermon2/18/15 10:52 AM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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The Bible's Proof
David Cloud
“ A Necessary & Urgent Sermon! ”
Great teaching that is needed for every warrior in the faith once delivered to the saints of God's beloved Christ.

News Item2/8/15 1:18 PM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Wow! I repent, apologize, recant, etc. comments made about this article on Obama's address at the Prayer Breakfast. I did so because of my immense ignorance about the Crusades. Aparently I had been taught the same about the Christians' involvement in the Crusades.
So, I'll refrain from making any future comments until I read and research sources that can give me and others the true facts.
Bye, for now. Don't forget to pray for me that I gain wisdom and have the mind of God. Wisdom is the principle thing.
Remember this - too much criticism of anyone results in that person defending themselves with the wrong weaponry. I believe this is Obama's, and countless others, situation. Criticism makes us deaf and blind for long periods of time.
God bless,

Sermon2/8/15 12:50 PM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Causes and Remedy for Depression
Gregory N. Barkman
“ Great Sermon! ”
Good to hear. Also, if we understand that God called us for His purposes alone, we'll find more comfort in His plan. We must avoid, at all costs feasting on media such as WND Faith that seems to take our minds away from the eternal things Colossians 3:1, 2; and fill us with lust through "Feed," another media source. First, we get their gossip (James 3:5, 6; then prayer as an afterthought. The entire chapter should be masticated by the so-called Christian habitually exposing the failures of others. Bad news always causes depression. But when Christians stuff negativity down our throats and blinds us with the sins of others, is shows they are not pleased with the one God exalts through the ballot box while at the same time weakens our faith.

Sermon2/8/15 12:28 PM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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A Holy Nation
T. Austin-Sparks
“ Great Sermon! ”
"Called" for His purpose alone.

News Item2/7/15 11:46 PM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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I believe that WND Faith's electronic news, or "Feed" is a dangerous source of information.It is equivalent to Hal Lindsay's "Left Behind" because it generates fear of everything that threatens our security. God has not given us the spirit of fear, but of love, power, and of a sound mind. I think it is strange that you cannot email Feed with comments to BOB UNRUH whom, I guess, is the editor of the electronic news WND Faith or "Feed." The way our president is constantly berated by this no good news source is EVIL. And they have the audacity to say Obama is not a Christian; while they manifest the disposition of Satan. They get you hyped up!
Check out the huge ad about investing in Gold. There are so many ways people are using to get you in their pockets.
Since we are encouraged to pray for the president, why not pray for those who put him into the WH. Witness to them. Bring them into the kingdom of light. And don't let the darkness continue to blind you to the truth that GOD IS SOVEREIGN! HE RULES!

News Item2/7/15 11:22 PM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Boko Haram has long needed our help. Sudan has been neglected also.
God is bringing judgment on America because of its hypocrisy in the church.

Sermon2/7/15 9:59 AM
Grateful | Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you. I pray that your message resonates among listening believers who inspect the lives of others to the degree of causing paralyses. Constant criticism stifles others and makes them not want to be around those who claim to have been graciously and mercifully reconciled to God. We were not called to condemn. We were not called to be fruit inspectors, but producers.

Sermon2/6/15 8:50 PM
Grateful | Sermon Audio  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Christology (1st lecture)
Dr. Joel Beeke
“ John 17:3 Reality ”
This is what all believers should know - Christ; not men, and His accomplished work.

Sermon1/6/15 7:14 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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The Terrors of The Lord
Jason Cooley
Think of what it is like to enter a church and have to sit in front of a christmas tree, or look at images and pictures of this bearded, long-haired, blue-eyed man. It is becoming harder and harder to find a church that wants to please God no matter the cost. "No fear of God before their eyes." Where are the tears of the saints who don't even realize what their children and grandchildren will face? God help us.

News Item1/6/15 7:06 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Delivered wrote:
Why are we even bringing up such topics. Does not the squeaky will get the most oil? Well, the more attention paid to this kind of blasphemy, the louder the blasphemer holler. besides this kind of thing weakens the faith of new believers. They wonder why God doesn't slam them. They are weak in the faith and such discussions (which should not be discussed) deter them in many ways.
Our speech should minister grace. Where is grace in this? Where is the fruit of your lips that tend to life? This is a death blow.
If you don't feed the snake, it will starve to death. Don't add fuel to this demonic flame.
Then email the sermonizer and tell him that perhaps he needs to speak about the various judgments of God; without mentionig this godless view.

Sermon1/6/15 6:46 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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“ Needed Sermon! ”
Yes judgment is here and it is coming at an alarming speed. If more pastors were qualified to stand in the pulpit, then they would discern that all of this boasting about being liberated, is actually a judgment which lends itself to bondage. It is because of God's severe mercy we must compel men to repent from their arrogance.

Sermon12/14/14 10:27 PM
Grateful | In the Word of God  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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#01: God's 'How to' Book, 1
Dr. O. Palmer Robertson
“ Great Sermon! ”
Wisely presented. Even an uneducated person such as myself could understand every word. Thanks for keeping simple the deep things of God that are lacking in many believers. We are drowning with information and facts without communicating the truths of God.

Sermon12/5/14 1:17 PM
Grateful | The Father's House  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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Wandering After the Beast
Elder Emerson Jackson Sr
“ Great Sermon! ”
Your message was informative and timely. Keep studying and preaching the heart of God. May God bless you and your hearers.

Sermon12/4/14 9:40 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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The Lord's Prayer & Regeneration
Decherd Stevens
“ Excellent Sermon! ”
Messages of this sort brings revival. I pray that everyone via SermonAudio listens, and listens carefully. It is one that will transform our minds and change our focus to things above. May God be praised.

Sermon12/4/14 8:01 PM
Grateful | On My Knees  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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'...Who is in Heaven,'
Pastor J. D. 'Skip' Dusenbury
“ Indeed A Great Sermon! ”
What a God-honoring sermon this was. They who know their God will do great exploits. This, you have done well. He is to be given first place in all things. Thanks,

Sermon11/28/14 4:57 PM
Grateful | City of the Great King  Contact via emailFind all comments by Grateful
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You presented the source and origin of this celebrated Day of Fantasy. Thank you. What many fail to see is that we are causing our children to live in violation of 1 John 2:16. What eternal value does Christmas have? I've ask, "Can a clean thing come forth from that which is unclean?" Christians need to be cleansed from this. We are also putting our children in bondage just acknowledging this day. God's enemies are making merchandise of many of His own people. Christ is eternal; no beginning; no ending. Christmas presents him simply as a perfect man; not the God-man, not a period of the Messiah's visitation. Thank you for speaking the truth.
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