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NOV 23, 2014
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Sermon Get Rid of the Meet and Greet Time | Sean E. Harris
Lauri from Baltimore MD
"Some churches approach the meet-and-greet time like a sorority rush week,..."
-31 hrs 
Sermon Simply Church - A Plea For a Simple Church Model | Jason Cooley
Alina from Canada
-32 hrs 
Sermon Five Things I Fear The Most | Brandon Lake
Bro. In Christ from Ontario
-32 hrs 
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News Item1/22/13 12:49 PM
Enoch  Find all comments by Enoch
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Ladeeda wrote:
What Europe has done for the UK is all bad - red tape, meddling with our financial and legal regulations, diluting our sovereignty at every turn etc.
It was the British parliament that diluted its own sovereignty with the unlawful and unconstitutional passing of the European Communities Act 1972 under the Conservative government (of which Margaret Thatcher was a very approving cabinet minister).

Both left and right were warned by men such as Enoch Powell and Tony Benn.
The issue was very straightforward.

Ladeeda wrote:
Their fabrications ruined the reputation of Margaret Thatcher, and yet we know for a fact that Blair admired her.
Too funny.
Margaret Thatcher ruined Margaret Thatcher's reputation.
Her own party kicked her out for her lies and deceit 4 long years before Blair became Labour Party leader.

Of course Blair admired her, he was a Thatcherite and in the wrong party.

News Item12/12/12 2:31 PM
Enoch  Find all comments by Enoch
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"Tell someone Jesus is the only way of salvation and find that they have gone away and killed themselves, and one day you too might be subject to a criminal investigation."
-WTS Professor, Dr. Carl Trueman

Sermon12/5/12 6:27 AM
Enoch | Texas  Find all comments by Enoch
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Enoch - A Man Who Went To God
Albert N. Martin
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a wonderful message! Enoch is one of the least talked about bible personalities in the bible. Yet, his life has such an impact on understanding spirituality. Thank you!

News Item11/9/12 12:19 PM
Enoch  Find all comments by Enoch
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Neil wrote:
And it is the laws that are the primary problem.
Perhaps. So much for the supposed separation of powers and the activist judiciary.

Imagine what life is like when you really have parliamentary sovereignty.

News Item10/7/08 11:08 AM
Enoch | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Enoch
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Thanks Lisa, I aree with you totally about the spiritual dimension of the battle. We tend to focus mostly on the physical and the visible realm quite often. In fact I have alluded to it in point 2f in my article.

Lisa wrote:
I think that when analysing the reasons, the biggest has been avoided...Simply there is war in the heavenlies-this is demonic and it reflects what is going on upstairs.
In reply to Jim of Nebraska-i saw a brill sermon that you would be blessed by...
Its long but its so worth the time, and its worth passing on.
Bless you

News Item10/7/08 1:54 AM
Enoch | India  Contact via emailFind all comments by Enoch
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Thanks Andrew for your encouraging words.

Andrew wrote:
Hi Enoch,
Thank you. I appreciate your honesty and willingness to question established processes to ensure that they are still fulfilling God's will in India. It is too easy to get comfortable when we should be moving forward. I pray that God would really move upon all of you in the Church body of India, and in all of the areas that you discussed. May His Kingdom come and be evident in every facet among you all.
In Christ's love,

Sermon8/3/08 12:43 PM
Enoch | N.C.  Find all comments by Enoch
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“ Must Hear! ”
Oh, the beauty of the Gospel when presented in its simplicity and in the power of the Holy Spirt by a man of God whose only desire is to proclaim the truth. Thank you Pastor Mahan! Everyone in ministry/preaching/teaching should hear this, as well as those who have been in church all their lives and are holding to religion and traditions for assurance of salvation.

News Item10/9/07 2:19 PM
enoch | europe  Find all comments by enoch
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Wayne wrote:
I know a Pastor in Wales who lost his job because of a homosexual smear campaign against him. He wrote a very good book exposing homosexuality but publishers were afraid to touch is full of validated facts.
Put that book in the hands of every UK citizen then the people would have facts to wake up.
Wayne, what is the name of the book and can it be found on the web?

Sermon1/26/07 4:50 PM
enoch | ca  Find all comments by enoch
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thank God for biblical voices still around in this apostate hour. thank you brother Cloud for this message

News Item1/26/07 3:52 PM
enoch | ca  Find all comments by enoch
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there are many big churches throughout history. the only difference about mega churches of today is that most mega "churches" of today do not preach biblically anymore which causes a person to repentance.
Spurgeon preached to thousands of people but he examines a person first before actual membership.
Just compare the messages of today to the old preachers.
when peter preached at pentecost, the Holy Spirit convicted the people, they repented, believing in the biblical message and a biblical Jesus and 3 thousand only out of the 3 million+ Jews present.
most of the mega churches now are of the feel good, judge not sort.
Lord Jesus warned us about apostasy not revival in the last days.
what's happening right now is that people are just inoculated by an almost gospel and make them resistant to the the true gospel

News Item1/8/07 11:13 PM
enoch | calif  Find all comments by enoch
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that's why i believe this tongues movement is not of God. Just look at the disagreements here.
if it is of the Spirit it will bring about unity.
tongues are for a sign, not to them that believe but to them that believe not. funny how these so called tongues people disobey God's word by not keeping quiet in church without an interpreter. forbid not to speak in tongues when there is a german or russian in the midst of an english congregation.
however, nobody is using this gift for OTHERS as the gifts primary purpose. For the MINISTRY! not to feel good. Listen! it couldn't be clearer: if you are not using your gift for others, no need to exercise it. again: echoing another poster's comment:

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