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Sermon Pursuing Biblical & Godly Modesty In an... | Dr. John Barnett
alana from wisconsin
"interesting,awesome video!God bless!"
-2 hrs 
Sermon The Cross of Calvary | Charles Lawson
Mark H from Prescott, Arizona
-3 hrs 
Sermon U.S. Divorce Rate All Time High - How Christians... | Kevin Swanson
lady day..
-3 hrs 
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Sermon9/25/09 6:14 PM
David | Virginia  Protected NameFind all comments by David
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“ as if you preached those sermons directly to me ”
I just wanted to send you a quick e-mail to let you know how much your sermon series "Don't Fret" on Sermon Audio has meant to me these last couple of weeks. I live in Arlington, Virginia. I found you when I subscribed to Sermon Audio's "Gratitude" podcast on iTunes and heard your sermon on that topic. I was so impressed I went to Sermon Audio and searched for more from you, and found the "Don't Fret" series. It was as if you preached those sermons directly to me. I am going through an extremely tough and uncertain time right now, both financially and career-wise, and these sermons have strengthened my faith and brought such a sense of calm to my life -- something I didn't think possible before. My sense of who God really is has been expanded, and my understanding of these times of trial has been increased as well. I put the sermons on my iPod and walk through the neighborhood late at night listening to them (late night is when I seem to feel the most anxiety). They have just meant so much to me, and I really feel that I have been brought closer to God by listening to them. It's amazing what a few good sermons and a couple of weeks can do.

Sermon8/14/09 2:31 PM
David | earth  Contact via emailFind all comments by David
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Depression 1: The Crisis
Dr. David P Murray
“ Great sermon! ”
Great sermon, great topic. Thanks for taking it up. We all need to take this topic all the way, so that we can also introduce the joy of Jesus into the suffering. Sincerely thanks I couldn't be too bored to hear another valiant attempt to confront this.

Survey4/15/08 5:23 PM
David | Melfort, Saskacthewan  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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I'm sorry "unnamed" my comments were directed to a previous post not mike's. I wasn't trying to answer the question of all and many for it is a useless argument in the long run.

There are verses that alone can go either way, the real question is what does the whole of scripture teach.

Survey4/15/08 4:36 PM
David | Melfort, Saskacthewan  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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So Christ's death made all men savable, all THEY have to do is accept Him as their savior?

I never said he saved all men, but according to your believe all men then became SAVABLE even those who were already in Hell.

Seems kinda needless for an all powerful, all knowing God to punish his Son for those who were already in hell for their rebellion against a Holy God

What changed when Christ died on the cross?

Before His death men were held accountable for their sin before a Holy God.

After His death men were held accoutable for their sin before a Holy God but, if they choose Christ they can now be cleard of guilt.


From eternity past God the Father entered into an eternal covenant with His son and the Holy Spirit. God placed His love on a people, HIs son died and FULLY SATISFIED the wrath of God on their sin, and the Holy Spirit draws, convicts, and brings to life those people.

Did Christ die for a people or a choice?

What did those people do to deserve this awesome gift? Nothing, there is no difference between the elect and the lost save the grace of God shed abroad in the heart of an individual.

We are not keeping people out of heaven, we are simply returning the power of the cross to Christ where it belongs.

Praise God what a Savior!!!

Survey4/15/08 4:14 PM
David | Melfort, Saskacthewan  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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Then, did Christ's death actually save anyone or just make all men savable?

Did He actually satisfy His Father's wrath for sin or did God punish His Son for our sin, and us as well if we don't "let Jesus come in to our hearts."?

Does that then make God unjust for now he punishes two men for the crime of one?

Survey4/15/08 3:47 PM
David | Melfort, Saskacthewan  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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If Christ died for all sin, did that include Judas, Pharoh, Goliath, all those who already were in Hell at the time of his death?

Sermon3/18/08 6:14 PM
David | Pennsylvania  Find all comments by David
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“ Great Sermon! ”
"So many times people think so much of men that they should not think. There are no great men of God, there never have been, never will be; only been pitiful, weak, sinful, unbelieving men, of a Great and merciful God."

News Item3/8/08 7:41 PM
David | St. Paul  Find all comments by David
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Why do self-professed Christians compromise and vote for the lesser of two evils? Don't you know that Christians identify themselves by their works? My Bible says homosexual acts are sinful. My Sunday School teacher, many years ago, taught that we love the sinner and hate the sin. How does a "Christian" justify voting for any one who robs one person, at a point of a gun, in order to give to another? And then take credit for doing good?? How can a "Christian" vote for people who violate the principles of "just war"? Why do "Christians" continue to vote for oath breakers? This country had a chance in this election, but chose to listen to the controled media. Only one of the candidates showed Christian fruits. I wish this county good luck - every country gets the government it deserves. Why should God bless Amerika?

News Item2/29/08 10:06 PM
David | ky  Contact via emailFind all comments by David
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Look first of all we don,t need a us President that has a Muslims name.Number 2 we don,t need a president that will not stand up for our rights as to be American. Number 3 God loves the gays but he don,t need them in heaven if they stay Gay, Number 4 again Why do we even thank that we are going to put a muslim in as a US Prisident after 911.If we put him in office we might as well say that its all over becauce he can not do the joy.God Bless American ,,don,t vote for this guy.

Sermon2/19/08 3:44 PM
David | U.K.  Contact via emailFind all comments by David
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Before Opening Mouth
Rich VanHeukelum
“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for this reminder of the constant awareness we (I) need to hear what I am saying and not only those who are hearing what I say. How of the Lord Jesus it is written Joh 7:46 The officers answered, Never man spake like this man. The more that we are in His company and hear Him so will we more reflect Him in our speech.

News Item2/9/08 8:42 PM
David | St. Paul,MN  Find all comments by David
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Rendering to Caesar, A Biblical Perspective on Government. The author has forgotten where rights come from. Governments do not give rights, they can only limit or remove personal rights. Christian Germany voted for Hitler and did not protest his murder of millions of people. It is the inaction of the professed "Christians" in America that will lead to its downfall. In the real world, it is this inaction by "Christians" that has led to redicule and disrespect. Beware the false god when you to to government for your daily needs - remember the lilies of the field. You incorporate your churches and worship the federal reserve note, while you allow government agents to be free to disobey the very document meant to limit their power and secure your rights. False teacher.

Sermon2/5/08 5:14 PM
david | California  Find all comments by david
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you wont find this preaching on tv!!

Sermon12/18/07 11:02 PM
David | New Jersey  Find all comments by David
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Struggles of Conscience
C. H. Spurgeon
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is truly a Gem of a sermon. Really epitomizes the legal disposition we all have.

News Item12/10/07 1:00 PM
david | mich  Find all comments by david
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political expediency is nothing new in the religious realm. Dr. bob joins many others in this endeavor. A few names that quickly come to my mind include caiaphas, pilate, and even mitt romney himself. by the way, did anyone hear or read about the tremor that occurred recently in lynchburg...turns out it was just jerry falwell rolling over in his grave.

Sermon11/25/07 1:32 AM
David | San Jose, CA  Contact via emailFind all comments by David
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Michael Phillips
“ My zeal for Christ has been strengthend. ”
Brother Phillips, I thank God for bringing me to hear this important sermon. As the Lord opens my eyes to the truths of His Word and I desire to share with other brothers, who might disagree with me, I learned that I must not lose my zeal for Him with zeal only to have others see what I see. Thank you, and God bless. ~David Pyle

Sermon11/12/07 12:16 AM
David | Chilliwack  Find all comments by David
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The Conversion of Lydia
Pastor Jack Schoeman
“ Awell wrothy sermon ”
This is an interesting sernon to listen to. Howbeit where was the talk to Godsp people in it that the Lord will come and comfort themin time of need? just wondering

News Item4/4/07 2:40 PM
David | Arizona  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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Good, now they can pay us back for WWII.

News Item3/15/07 3:16 PM
David | Arizona  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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I totally agree with you Robert, but the messed up thing is that they won't. No one has the gall to do anything about this stuff today. All of it gets pushed into the "not enough time to care" section of their lives. It makes me sad.

News Item3/9/07 12:15 PM
David | Arizona  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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Great article. I personally have not read the book, but I have confidence that McGrath was speaking the truth about the contents of it. It feels like Dawkins just wrote the book to try and strengthen his own belief in atheism. Hopefully God will soften Mr. Dawkins' heart and make him see that the truth lies within Jesus Christ and His redemption.

News Item3/6/07 5:12 PM
David | Arizona  Go to homepageFind all comments by David
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I believe she grew up southern baptist. This is a perfect example of Matthew 19:24 - And again I say unto you, It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God.
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