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APR 18, 2014
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Sermon The Surrender of Our Will to God | Dr. Jim Binney
Gary Smith from Greenville, SC
"One of the most stirring and convicting messages I can ever remember at..."
-5 hrs 
Sermon Mrs. Gene Parisher's Testimony | Gene Parisher
Bill Megginson from Windsor, VA
-6 hrs 
Sermon Offenses and Forgiveness | Mike Courtney
-9 hrs 
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Sermon7/9/11 12:30 AM
Dale  Find all comments by Dale
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Trading God for a Man
John Weaver
“ For such a time as this !! ”
Thank you for this timely message. America needs to hear this. I needed to hear it. Amen.

Sermon1/9/11 3:31 PM
Dale | Angola, Africa  Find all comments by Dale
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Very kind, heartfelt, insightful delivery. Reminded me of pastors I heard as a child and Asa young adult.

Sermon9/24/10 8:53 PM
Dale | Southern Miss  Contact via emailFind all comments by Dale
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Who Cast Jonah Into the Sea?
Clarence Sexton
“ Great Sermon! ”
What an encouraging message. Amen and Amen.

Sermon8/6/09 10:41 PM
dale | whyalla australia  Find all comments by dale
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“ Great Sermon! ”
awesome well spoken good solid gospel with a hint of historical referance .its good to learn about the early christian and roman world ,,,welldone

Survey12/12/08 4:14 AM
Dale | Scotland  Find all comments by Dale
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This is an "either-or" question. There is no gray area between the two states of "sanctification" and "damned." Either the blood of Jesus is sufficient or it is not.

I also believe that free will and predestination are NOT mutually exclusive. Make of that what you will.

Survey12/12/08 3:55 AM
Dale | Scotland  Find all comments by Dale
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This question misses the point entirely. The sole and complete purpose of Christ's church on earth is to continue the work Jesus started. We have all heard it said that the church is not a building but people. This has never changed.

My job as a Christian is not just to provide education in the truth of the Bible, or to provide a place and atmosphere for worship, or to provide for the social or physical needs of the community. It is all of this and much more besides.

But none of these are the most important. No, the most important purpose of the Church is to proclaim and preach the Risen Christ, to witness to the Gospell, to be living examples of God's love on the earth.

All that other stuff springs forth naturally from us when we do this. They are a consequence, evidence if you will, that we are following in Jesus' footsteps; not a "purpose" at all, but a sign.

News Item10/12/08 7:17 PM
Dale | canada  Find all comments by Dale
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Obviously the Governor does not realize as Christians, when we pray we come to the only true God through Jesus Christ His Son.

To ask one to pray without mentioning Jesus, our intercessor, is without logic. We must pray for the Governor that he may understand why Christians pray using the name of Jesus. For we ask it in Jesus name AMEN

Sermon3/17/08 3:42 PM
Dale | Michigan  Find all comments by Dale
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When Things Don't Go Your Way
Pastor Mark Chappell
“ Great Sermon! ”
Could relate to everything that was said.Greatly blessed by this message

Survey1/10/07 7:55 PM
Dale | Scotland  Find all comments by Dale
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It seems quite simple to me. The believer is sanctified not by his own act but by the will and grace of God. God doesn't do things by half measures. Therefore whatever God sanctifies is completely and unreservedly sanctified.

By faith alone are we saved.

Sermon1/10/07 1:30 PM
Dale  Find all comments by Dale
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(This sermon is no longer available)
“ Great Sermon! ”
This is a great sermon in how we view ourselves and how much need others really have!

Sermon12/6/06 1:31 PM
Dale  Find all comments by Dale
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This is not only a great message to show us how much we sin but also helps those that seem to always see failure in thier life.

News Item11/21/06 7:45 PM
Dale | Scotland  Find all comments by Dale
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As far as I am concerned, with regard to fairness in the workplace it doesn't matter if wearing the cross is idolatry or not. BA is setting a deliberate anti-Christian double standard. I for one don't buy their excuses about the impracticalities of refusing Muslims and Sikhs the right to wear the Hajab or Turban. If they have a policy against religious symbols then they must enforce it equally and without prejudice or abandon it as unfair.

I will be writing a letter to BA informing them of the fact that I find their double standard reprehensible, and that neither I nor any of my family will be using their airline until they reverse their decision regarding Mrs Eweida, and apologise publically.

I invite anyone who values integrity, freedon of expression, and fair play to join me in this. The address for the BA registered office is:

British Airways Plc
PO Box 365

God bless you.

Survey11/14/06 8:38 AM
Dale | UK  Find all comments by Dale
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Solemnising a gay couple's marriage in a church service is a blasphemy.

Is it right to bless adultery or theft or false witness or any other sin? Because that is what homosexual union is: a sin. By performing the marriage rite, the minister or priest is saying that God blesses the act of homosexual union, which is clearly not the case if you spend even a few moments looking into God's word.

Look, I don't think it is right to villify homosexuals more than any other sinners but that does not mean what they are doing is righteous. It is sinful and earns the same wages as any other. To imply that God has changed the rules is, as I said before, blasphemy.

"Thou changest not..."

Survey11/14/06 8:06 AM
Dale | UK  Find all comments by Dale
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Who are any of us to judge? No one knows any man's heart save the man himself and God. I cannot in honesty say I know if the Pope was saved or not. I tend to doubt it but it's not for me (or any of us) to say.

I prefer not to step on God's toes, if you don't mind. He makes his own mind up without my help - or yours.

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