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OCT 1, 2016
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Sermon Patience, Waiting on the Lord | Dr. Ken Elliott
Helen from Inverness, Scotland
"This is a lovely encouraging word. Have listened to it several times now...."
-25 hrs 
Sermon A Warning About The Horrors of Hell | Justin Pierce
Jennifer from Memphis
-26 hrs 
Sermon Trusting & Treasuring God | J. D. Hatfield
Paul Dickinson from Inverness Florida
-27 hrs 
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Sermon6/22/15 12:26 PM
Benjamin | West Texas  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Reply to 'Reply to Benjamin' ”
You don't know me. I know who Gipp's teacher is. I am not "disciple of Ruckmanites." I know Ruckman's teaching, and I DESPISE his "advanced revelation" nonsense. Jesus Christ alone is my "hero." I believe Gipp has some great information to offer in his writings. Just because he was under Ruckman's direct teaching doesn't mean he's as much of a "Ruckmanite" as one would expect. Just look at his "Understandable History"! Every pig has its bacon. Just because "Ruckman...calls them what I call them" doesn't mean he's right. The point remains: the different editions are EDITIONS, not "revisions." Every single change is the correction of a typo. This cannot compare to the TENS OF THOUSANDS of differences between different revisions of modern bibles (which come out every decade or two). You find altogether different readings, often without the copyright date even changing. See different NKJVs in Zach. 13:6. See also Will Kinney, "Ever Changing ESVs" ( and Laurence Vance, "Double Jeopardy." "Which KJV do you use, hmmm???" Well, which NKJV? Which ESV? Which NASB? Which NIV? ("Ill-informed, huh?) Again: I am not a fan of Ruckman. I haven't read his books yet, and I don't look forward to it.

Sermon4/2/15 5:14 PM
Benjamin | West Texas  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Reply to Bill ”
There is no such thing as KJV "revisions." See Sam Gipp, "Answer Book," question #5. He that answerETH a matter before he hearETH it, it is folly and shame unto him.

Sermon2/25/15 3:56 PM
Benjamin | West Texas  Find all comments by Benjamin
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Bible Versions
Dr. Sam Gipp
If you love Samuel Gipp before hearing his "Bible Versions," you'll love him even more afterwards. In this message he not only puts together much of the good stuff from his other messages; he keeps the listener laughing all the way through. He has several men come up to the front and read out of several different "bible" versions. He shows in possibly the best way possible that we have far more problems with the modern translations than just doctrinal differences. There are serious changes made that have nothing to do with doctrine. Modern bibles are just plain stupid, and it's simple as that. At the end, he exposes what is happening silently in churches across the board by having all his men read Psalm 23 out of their different versions at once. THAT is what's divisive. It's simply hilarious to listen to. Listen to this sermon. It'll save you some time if you aren't available to listen to fifty other messages.

Sermon11/10/14 2:16 PM
Benjamin | West Texas  Find all comments by Benjamin
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Agape & Phileo
Dr. Sam Gipp
“ Full refutation of modern 'scholarship'! ”
Wonderful message! I just started listening to Gipp a few weeks ago, and he is one of my new favorite speakers. He can weave excellent humor into his messages, and mark these words, YOU SIMPLY CANNOT REFUTE HIM! This particular message, "Agape and Phileo," walks the audience through several verses to expose a deceptive use of modern Greek "scholarship." All the lexicons in the world couldn't correct Gipp here. Consider: if the Bible critics have made such a corny mistake here, who knows where else they're trying to deceive you? Gipp proves beyond the shadow of a doubt that you simply cannot trust those who attack the KJB, and you might as well throw out the lexicons and just trust your Authorized King James Bible as your final authority. "Let God be true, but every man a liar" (Romans 3:4).

Sermon2/27/13 12:20 AM
Benjamin | Canada, British Columbia  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
The sermon doesn't start for the first 6 or 7 minutes.

Sermon1/12/13 1:30 PM
Benjamin  Contact via emailFind all comments by Benjamin
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When Silence Becomes Sin
Reg Kelly
“ Reg Kelly Top 10 ”
I feel it appropriate to label this sermon as one of Pastor Kelly's top ten greatest. The message is true and it applies not only to the individual but to all of us as Christians, living in an evil time. Christianity needs to leave our church houses and flood every aspect of life. From Government, to marriage, to family, to schools and to the work place. Praise God for men like Pastor Kelly and Churches like Liberty Faith!

Sermon8/3/12 1:42 AM
Benjamin | Louisiana  Find all comments by Benjamin
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Deviant Worship 2
Dr. Mark Minnick
“ thank you! ”
I needed this sermon.

News Item6/3/12 4:50 PM
Benjamin | Linares  Find all comments by Benjamin
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No wonder America is the way it is, we should be ashamed Of ourselves for putting this junk out!!

Sermon2/7/12 10:36 PM
Benjamin | Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Benjamin
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How Satan Gets Into Your Head
Dr. Charles A. Stewart
“ Thank You ”
This sermon was well-planned and well-delivered. I learned how to fight Satan. I feel much better about myself!

Sermon1/6/12 12:38 AM
Benjamin | Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Benjamin
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“ 34 year old ”
The idea of little pockets of unmortified sin as a deadly spiritual pathogen made me cringe. Thanks for the reminder. I appreciate the warnings, and your real world examples.

Sermon11/28/11 2:09 AM
Benjamin | Louisiana  Contact via emailFind all comments by Benjamin
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The Pseudo Security of Money
Brandon Nealy
“ $lave ”
Good message. Well delivered. Maybe you can add the idea of credit to re-enforce how powerful the attraction is for "money" (our savior) + idea of insurance to redeem our spouse, children, ourselves. All about the false idea, false sense of security.

Sermon7/28/10 12:18 PM
Benjamin | Germany  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Great Sermon! ”
This message changed my life, and it convicted me that I was just a hypocrite, but now I repent, as it says in "Amazing Grace": I was blind, but now I see"

Sermon6/25/10 3:55 PM
Benjamin | Iowa City, IA  Find all comments by Benjamin
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“ Great Preaching! ”
Good work Pastor Max, May God give us the grace to stand immovable as Christ did throughout all of His temptations. May we seek to please God above any pleasures that this world has to offer us. Oh God, that we would seek to be like your Son Jesus. In Christ, Benjamin

Sermon9/9/09 10:18 AM
Benjamin  Find all comments by Benjamin
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An Outcast at the Outskirts
Rev. Paul Ipema
“ Great Sermon! ”
A wonderful message about the mercy of the Lord Jesus Christ towards those who cry out in faith.

Sermon8/2/09 7:24 PM
Benjamin | Scottsdale, AZ  Find all comments by Benjamin
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Why Keep A Christian Sabbath Today
Rev. Ian Goligher
“ Amen! ”
Thank you for the wonderful sermon... praise God! Thank God for a day in which we can rest in the finished work of Christ, by following His example in worship, fellowship, and works. In Christ, Benjamin

Survey8/1/09 4:30 AM
Benjamin  Find all comments by Benjamin
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Are these comments from believers in Jesus? Wow. They sound Pharisaical. Sad.
These comments are indicative of the very reasons why so many young people are ditching the fundamentalist movement. "You have forgotten your first love." You've stopped exalting Jesus Christ higher than your personal preferences and traditions. When that happens, it becomes vain worship and empty religion, not the Gospel of Jesus.

Brothers and sisters, please heed the warning of Mt 7:21. I love you because Jesus loved me and he loves you, his flock. Oh, what tragedy it would be to hear you say on that day, "Lord, Lord, didn't we follow all the right religious rules? Didn't we abstain from rap music and those who look and talk differently than us religious folk? Didn't we work hard to point out the 'heretics' who listen to rap or rock music?"
Brothers and sisters, this is appeal to you to get back to the Gospel in your hearts. "And you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

Joelee Chamberlain
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