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JUL 24, 2014
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Sermon Looking Unto Jesus - Who Else? | Barry Reed
Okiakama. Te
"Great Sermon .Very good sermon really helped myself at this point of my..."
-2 hrs 
Sermon Til He Appears | Mark D. Campbell
Nancy Ruth from Texas
-4 hrs 
Sermon Galatians: What Paul Really Said in Galatians... | Joe Morecraft III
Matthew Maxwell-Carr from Wales
-5 hrs 
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Sermon7/13/14 3:03 PM
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The Briefing Special Edition: Supreme Court...
Dr. R. Albert Mohler, Jr.
“ Important! ”
This commentary rebuts and clarifies the false media reports and liberal commentary that this ruling treats "corporations as persons". No, only closely-held family owned corporations that do not issue public stock! Religious liberty is most justly defended by this ruling.

News Item7/13/14 2:45 PM
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No more government- taxpayer bailouts for Banksters! And they have the gaul to say they promote a pretended equality, while they receive special privileges above all Americans for filthy lucre!

News Item6/19/14 3:29 PM
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The same headline is often heard as the justification for children to read "anything", frequently titles such as Harry Potter series.

Clearly, the headline representing present public opinion should be exposed as just as dangerous as potentially enriching. You never hear the headline used to justify reading the Bible or Puritan literature or that of 19th century Southern Baptists, because of sharp prejudice and the censorship imposed by Political Correctness. When these are suggested, "let them read anything" suddenly becomes qualified according to their unscriptural terms and opposition to the truth, even among "conservatives".

News Item6/19/14 3:20 PM
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Mark M. wrote:
Wha? She looks at what the Bible says and then does the opposite I guess...
Not really. Consider how general a statement she made without being more specific.

She really seems to admire and emulate Jezebel and Athaliah in her conduct, tactics, and political strategies!

News Item6/19/14 6:07 AM
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Their self-imposed socially quarantined communities would actually be a good thing! Principled disassociation would be so much easier than with their usual agenda of forced integration and activist lawsuits.

News Item6/19/14 5:50 AM
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Just like the U.S. trained, armed, and aided the Taliban to fight the Russians in Afghanistan, but now called terrorists. By the way, Bin Laden and "the Database" (translated ' Al Qaeda') of freedom fightera in Afghanistan were also trained and funded by the CIA also to fight the.Soviet invasian where oil and pipeline interests were all at stake before 9/11 was pinned on them without evidence.

Sermon4/13/14 9:59 PM
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No Creed but the Bible?
Dr Carl R. Trueman
“ important Sermon! ”
Very needed and important refutation of the naive and popular statement that is here exploded and refuted many. A pastor of a sovereign grace baptist church told me "we are not a confessional church", as if that was better. Yet they have a short statement of beliefs in print! This message shows why such statements are untruthful and an irrational position that only opens the door for a multitude of errors and heresies, that have flooded modern churches.

News Item2/23/14 10:03 PM
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Neil wrote:
Glad he pointed out Brown's Calvinism; that is usually overlooked....
Are you kidding? John Brown absolutely did not hold to traditional Calvinistic teaching! John Brown was America's first terrorist, a heretical fanatic and psychopath (see dictionary definition).

Google "What John Brown did in Kansas", then try to convince us that he was a real Christian instead of a crazed murderer that held the equivalent of what became Black Liberation Theology, with militia fanaticism!

Also, the Bible does not teach Abolitionism, or the abolition of the Master-Servant relation any more than it does that of Fathers-Children or Husbands-Wives (i.e. Ephesians, Colossians, Timothy, et al). Abuse within a relation does not negate the relations established and regulated in the Bible.

News Item12/22/13 2:33 PM
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Good! Idols, likenesses, and images are not only unnecessary but strictly forbidden in the 2nd commandment for the worship of God and Christ. "Thou shalt not make unto thee ANY graven image or ANY LIKENESS...".

This was the position of the protestants, reformers, like Calvin, Knox, the Puritans of England and Pilgrims of America, who also did not bow the superstition of "Christmas" day, but in fact banned it and made it a "common market day".

Superstitious icons are a mark of false, not true, Christianity. Faith does not require sensual images or music to be active, for "faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the evidence of things NOT SEEN" (Heb. 11).

It's time to purge away the icons, manger scenes, decorated trees in Christian homes and churches, materialistic shopping greed, and light imagery--the Christianized paganism of the superstitious regard for Dec. 25th as being "Christ's birth" at the time of the pagan's festivals of the Winter Solstice (i.e. what the trees, decorations, lights, and gift giving really are a part of).

Event10/21/13 3:04 PM
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The subject of this conference is very relevant especially these days as a smorgasbord of worship practices, many of which are worldly, have come headlong into churches that have in particular embraced being "reformed" in theology, and claim to follow the Puritans in doctrine. This has been especially evident among New Calvinists and their youth movements.

Yet, I wonder if the speakers represented will address their own peculiarities and questionable interpretation of the 2nd commandment's regulative principle and example of the New Testament apostles. For example Dr. Beeke's church has a massive pipe organ while the Puritans at Westminster disassembled theirs and even Spurgeon denounced the use of musical instruments for worship. Also, Paul Washer has been quoted as endorsing some kinds of rap music for worship which he thought were consistent with sound doctrine.

All this to say there is considerable confusion and new innovations even among those holding to reformed theology and even on the list of speakers scheduled. Maybe these things will be addressed since they are appropriate for the immediate purpose of the conference as stated.

Sermon10/20/13 7:37 PM
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“ Images, Icons Show Hatred to God, Not Love ”
Historically, Baptists used to hold to the same principles regarding worship as the Westminster Confession and Catechism too. It used to be that Baptists would never put crosses or spires on their Church Meeting places either for this same reason, and certainly never Christmas trees, nor pictures of "Jesus", nor holiday idols called manger scenes. "... But the acceptable way of worshipping the true God, is instituted by himself, and so limited by his own revealed will, that he may not be worshipped according to the imagination and devices of men, nor the suggestions of Satan, under any visible representations, **or any other way not prescribed in the Holy Scriptures**." - 1689 London Baptist Confession, also adopted by Charleston Baptist Assoc. of South Carolina in the 1700s.

Sermon10/20/13 6:48 PM
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“ Important Sermon! ”
Very relevant as to what God desires rather than the vain desires of churches today. And even more relevant during this season of great superstition as we approach closer to what is blasphemously called Christmas, largely by professing Christians. Dare we talk about the use of decorated trees, and quite a few in churches? Pray tell, what example of do we have in scripture of this, other than from the heathen nations and Babylon's idolatry? The Second Commandment cannot be of "secondary importance", without considering the grave threat, from God himself, in the commandment. Should we provoke God while claiming to worship the Son?

Event10/20/13 6:38 PM
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Relevant topic but will it make a difference? It is interesting how this subject is receiving much attention, yet few changes have been made in churches. Everyone considers other churches trendy but not their own. It is a matter of degrees of difference.

You would think that church was impossible without even 18th and 19th century hymns, mostly from Arminians. Wesley, Fanny Crosby, Watts have more influence on even the "traditional" churches than does the apostle Paul and Scripture! There is a 2nd commandment, a regulative principle for worship, and both warnings and examples in the New Testament of right and wrong worship, and how "psalms, hymns, songs...inspired", by the Holy Spirit, ought to be sung to one another, and not a word about musical instruments being necessary, while innovations and "Judaizing" (using OT means of worship) is condemned by none other than the apostle Paul (Gal, Col, Eph, etc).
Those who claim to be "reformed" thus far, have not reformed themselves.

News Item9/29/13 4:23 PM
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Sodomy therefore is a public health issue, and a cause for justifiable discrimination for public welfare. The CDC statistics are also compelling. Where are all those then who believe in science on this issue? It is irrational to ignore the evidence.

News Item8/18/13 4:14 PM
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The self-righteousness of those who assert Evolution falls apart the more you ask them questions. And these people think they are "higher" and "educated" yet they cannot articular intelligently any consistent, logical explanations with any sense of common reasoning. "Professing to be wise they became fools". The truth is they merely want to mock the Bible, God, and the Christian religion on nothing more than personal prejudice.

Sermon8/11/13 4:26 PM
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“ Excellent Warnings! ”
This is worth hearing in its entirety. In regards to the multitudes that still follow John Piper and New Calvinism (yes it certainly is new, different than historic Calvinism) in particular this sheds needed light on just why their 'Desiring God' conference is so deceptive and dangerous. Let those who like C.S. Lewis attempt to refute these plain facts about the man's beliefs and teachings (through allegory aimed at children too). In regard to the Vatican issue about its political influence the same, and moreso, even stronger case could be made for AIPAC, the Israeli Lobby in Congress. Good points about Putin and the Russian Orthodox Church which while it is refreshing on the issue of homosexuality (and a contrast to the new popular Pope) it is an idolatrous institution as much as the Roman, Greek, and Coptic (Egyptian) churches all of which represent no true Christianity as taught in the Bible.

Sermon7/28/13 4:10 PM
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God Withdrawing from His People
Rev. Colin Mercer
“ The LORD's Holy Grudge Against the Churches ”
Timely! "...until they acknowledge their offense". The LORD holds a holy grudge, turns and walks away, and will not return to the modern churches (yes conservative and reformed too), until they come to terms with his condition above, "until." The issue is not "will the Lord turn away", but that the LORD already HAS turned away from the churches in America and Britain. Yes they have "sought after him with their sheep and flocks", returning to some older and historic doctrines and practice, but only superficially. "They will not find me, until...", says the inspired text. Churches are going through the motions but are impotent because there is no power, no true regeneration or sanctification. Churches and family generations are Backsliders. "I know Ephraim, and Judah..". "There is none that seeks after God", truly that is. "All have turned aside", literally. This is the "Ichabod Generation", and has been in America since the Civil War and early 1900s. Even Spurgeon's Downgrade puts a time frame on the "falling away", and Fundamentalism, Evangelicalism, Charismaticism and New Calvinism were vain attempts to regain power and influence. But the condition has not been met: "Until they acknowledge their offense", and "come clean" before Christ who removes Candlesticks.

News Item7/21/13 2:11 PM
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While there are some good points about both of these men as conservatives, one is a Roman Catholic (who defends idols of course, icon Christianity in this article) and the other a Libertarian.

Be very careful what you wish for as a candidate for you will get the whole package, not just the good points.

Sermon6/16/13 11:26 PM
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McCheyne on the Lord's Day
Jim Savastio
“ Mark of Apostasy Leads to Tyranny ”
The failure and lack of any fear of God or regard for the Lord's Day as holy are clear marks that modern Christianity is not only lukewarm Laodiceanism but entirely apostate. Even most grandparents would be astonished at the casual regard for it. This also includes the lack of distinction between a real Christian or church and the world. Have not the Candlesticks of America's churches effectually been 'removed' and no longer shed any distinguishing light in the dark land of a licentious liberty? But the second consequence is that an anti-Christian but accepted Tyranny has been erected. For while the government and corporations in law pretend to protect "equal rights" on employment, including "religion", the fact is clear that most all employers require availability for work on Sundays and will openly discriminate and not hire those who refuse! DEFEND YOUR LEGAL AND CHRISTIAN RIGHT TO NOT WORK ON THE LORD'S DAY WHICH THE GOVERNMENT AND ALL CORPORATIONS MUST RESPECT (as they do for others, such as Jews and their holidays, who force even Congress to dismiss). Will those of a pretended "sexual orientation" have protected "rights" while Christians have none and forfeit their Christian liberty? Apostasy is the road to tyranny, and it's here.

Blog2/17/13 4:58 PM
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This is a very important subject. But I
am shocked and disappointed that the
blogger in his blog confesses to liking
Metallica as favorite music. I believe
that is entirely contrary to what the
Psalms teach about the fear of God,
reverence, holiness, all of which stands
against the wickedness and culture of the
heathen world where "there is no fear of
God before their eyes". Would the
apostle Paul like Metallica? Would
David? Truly this makes liking Watts or
Wesley look much better. Are we to be
"unregulated" in principle the rest of
the week? This is a symptom of a bi-
frocated modern Pop Calvinism (New
Calvinism) which walks in a Facebook
world during the week but talks about the
Holiness and Justice of God, from the
Psalms, on Sunday.
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