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AUG 27, 2014
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Sermon When the Foundations are Destroyed | Rev. Rodney Kleyn
Lisa from Wales
"Clear bible focussed presentation. But we must remember this psalm in its..."
-35 min 
Sermon Worldliness: To What Are You Conformed? pt.1 | Nick Napier
Leslie from NC
-48 min 
Sermon God's faithfulness past, present and future | Voddie Baucham
Janine from Louisiana
-5 hrs 
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Sermon12/2/12 9:19 PM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Paid Ministry
Bryan Denlinger
“ So true! ”
Greetings brother, So agree with your teaching on giving! I really like the many verses given to prove your preaching because it makes it much more difficult to twist the truth. I think false teachers twist God's words readily because of the few scriptures given and people seem willing to gobble things pleasing the flesh. I certainly am fully prepared to support a preacher who does the work of God according to the Bible such as you. I see a great need for the work you do and will support you because I cannot do it myself. I do feel like I can make a difference by helping you to minister and I pray that more listeners will chip in for souls to be won. The time is short and we all need to run that last mile. I thank you for not compromising the truth for making a dollar. You have a high standard of integrity and it shines brightly. God bless you brother! My bread is yours also. If you have need, I'm OK with hearing about it once in a while. The problem I have is with "ministers of righteousness" that seem to be overly concerned about money. Week after week it's the same story: we need money for this, that and the other. 15 minutes into the service and they pass the collection plate!!! Give me a break! It's suppose to be a house of praye and they have turned it into a de

Sermon11/26/12 2:53 PM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Why the Social Gospel is Wrong
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
Excellent preaching! Praise the Lord. Loved this sermon. So the flesh is our greatest enemy, because it's always there 24/7? And it seems to have it's own will. I knew that but somehow it wasn't very clear. I appreciate your explanation of that. What you say about the social gospel is so true. It's seems we are living in a world where most people wish they could take a pill to make it all better. I remember going to a charismatic "church" as a babe in Christ and there they were drinking coffee and eating cake in the church meetings. They were also speaking mumbo jumbo in "tongues". I started thinking to myself ' is this for real?' --no it wasn't! It didn't take me too long to realize who they were. I didn't know any better at the time, but as soon as I heard the preacher praise Benny Hinn, i was out of there shortly thereafter! They used mostly the Good News bible. I had no clue at the time about the Bible versions issue. But it clearly goes back to Proverbs 4:23 " Keep thy heart with all diligence; for out of it are the issues of life. " They don't have the truth in their heart and everything they do or say proceeds from that and it ends up being a social club instead of a house of prayer. God bless you, yours and your ministry for the work you do. Praise the Lord!

Sermon11/25/12 5:57 PM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Is The Cross An Idol?
Jessie Delewski
“ Thanks for staightening that out for me. ”
Thank you for all the scriptures you give in your teaching: I have no doubts about the truth of your message! I see it clearer now after listening to this sermon. Thank you for the truth. All things in moderation is sensible advice. I can see the difference between an object used for a memorial and an idol. There is a definite distinction between the two. I will not repeat my mistakes in cleaning the home or advising other Christians. Thanks again. God bless you and yours for the simple truth and the work you do. Amen brother!

Sermon11/15/12 12:07 AM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Antonio Moniz
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What About Tithing?
Jessie Delewski
“ Very good preaching! ”
Thank you for preaching this sermon. A lot of the churches I've been to, teach this heresy that tithing is for today. I agree with you that it is not. I have learned this lesson the hard way by listening to Charles Stanley back in 2003-2005. I sincerely regret listening to him; believing his lies. It only got me deeper into debt by following his advice and tithing when I really was not able to. I love your ministry because it's scripture after scripture after scripture. I love my 1611 KJB and if you can show me in that Bible, then I will believe you. The best thing I ever did was getting saved. The next best thing was finding out about my precious word of God @ . I am so very thankful for your ministry and enjoy your honesty of heart as you preach the simple gospel. God bless you, your family and church. I am praying for many more KJV Bible house churches around the Globe. God bless! Antonio

Sermon9/9/12 12:18 AM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Find all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Charity vs. Love
Bryan Denlinger
“ I understand better now! ”
Excellent teaching pastor. I never quite understood the difference between love and charity. But now I do. Thank you for magnifying the word of God for us and sharing your insights. I'm learning a lot from your sermons and really enjoy your comments and depth of knowledge of God. Amazing! God bless your work in the ministry. I'm inspired to study diligently by listening to your sermons. Thank you so much. Blessings!

Sermon8/1/12 11:47 PM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Antonio Moniz
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The Pre-Trib. Rapture 1
Bryan Denlinger
“ Amazing sermon!!! ”
Thank you for another amazing sermon! You study hard and it shows. God bless you and yours.

Sermon7/31/12 12:44 AM
Antonio Moniz | British Columbia, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Antonio Moniz
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“ Very revealing teaching! ”
Wonderful sermon brother! I never get tired of hearing you preach. Thank you for sharing the truth with us. God bless.

Sermon7/29/12 12:44 PM
Antonio Moniz | Abbotsford, BC, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Farewell Message
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hey Pastor Bryan! I'm very sad to hear of your departure; I have been learning a lot from you. I'm currently listening to your sermons on the rapture and am amazed at the new insights and depth of knowledge you’ve uncovered. Thank you for helping me see clearly what's in our KJ Bible. You certainly have motivated me to study diligently. It's a shame that more listeners are not supporting your work in the ministry. I will be praying for you and your wife and supporting you on the kingjamesvideoministry. I wish you success and happiness in your new direction but my prayer will be to see you come back to full-time ministry with vigor. I pray also that your listeners who have not supported your ministry financially in the past will understand the need to do so, “ Galatians 6:8 For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting. Romans 15:27 It hath pleased them verily; and their debtors they are. For if the Gentiles have been made partakers of their spiritual things, their duty is also to minister unto them in carnal things. 1 Corinthians 9:11 If we have sown unto you spiritual things, is it a great thing if we shall reap your carnal things? ” God bless you and yours. Anto

Sermon6/1/12 6:38 PM
Antonio Moniz | Alberta, Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Antonio Moniz
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No Local Church?
Bryan Denlinger
“ Excellent sermon! ”
Thank you brother for another excellent sermon. I have my reasons for staying away from these "churches" and they are all found in the Bible ( Proverbs 19:27 “ Cease, my son, to hear the instruction that causeth to err from the words of knowledge. “ ). Nevertheless, it's comforting to know there are other believers out there that are in the same situation. Thank you so much for bringing this truth out, it was much need here! A lot of folks seem to feel comfort in numbers and associating with groups, but boy, are they in for a shock when they realize that membership in a church doesn't get one into heaven. If separation is not needed, then I could have stayed in the Roman Catholic church and hanged around with the pope! But if it is needed, where do we draw the line? I drew it at the truth of God's word and refuse to hear false doctrines. The biggest one I hear in my area after trying so many churches is tithing. They seem to like that word. Quite frankly, I’ve been made to feel less than welcome unless I had some money for them. I finally had enough of institutional churches and decided that it’s not scriptural and refuse to go back. KJV Bible house church is where I see it going, especially with the coming persecutions. I really enjoy your sermons! Antonio

Sermon5/11/12 10:31 PM
Antonio Moniz | Edmonton, AB Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Antonio Moniz
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Unscriptural Church Buildings
Bryan Denlinger
“ Great Sermon! ”
Hi Bryan, I just wanted to take so time to thank you for this wonderful sermon! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment. Thank you for being true to scripture and speaking the truth. I'm praying for your ministry and will support it. God bless, Antonio

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