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MAY 3, 2015
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Sermon The Goal of Ministry IV: Love | Pastor Joseph LoSardo
Mephibosheth from The King's Table
"It's challenging to find any exhorting, rebuking, encouraging within the..."
-17 hrs 
Sermon Are the Coptics Really Christians? & a Review of... | William J. Sturm
Walter Holt from Fayetteville, NC
-23 hrs 
Sermon The Single Christian: Sexuality, Sex, Sensuality,... | Pastor Alan Dunn
Battle Weary from Earth
-25 hrs 
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Sermon6/1/14 11:10 AM
Ana | West Indies  Find all comments by Ana
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Sermon 26 - Son of God/Son of Man
Martyn Lloyd-Jones
“ A Must Hear! ”
A declaration of true Christianity. Jesus Christ is the only Way.

News Item5/7/14 8:25 AM
a n a  Find all comments by a n a
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Michael Hranek wrote:
Oh! I seem to recall the early church was essentially baptist, imagine that!
Oh Michael what a sense of humor you have. But since you obviously haven't a clue about historic facts (or like a typical Baptist you ignore history) you probably need a sense of humor.
Btw as you are agreeing with the Arminian Stevenr - "sinners in control of God" - heresy, that suggests you are still knee deep in your old Roman Catholic dunghill of doing salvation by human effort. Who needs God? Michael and Stevenr don't they can decide salvation for themselves without any divine help whatsoever.

News Item5/6/14 3:28 PM
a n a  Find all comments by a n a
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Stevenr wrote:
We have our Choice to accept or reject the Gift; in other words, we can choose to pay our own sin debt, or allow The Blood of Christ to pay that sin debt for us; it is not forced on us.
Unless you are a misguided Calvanist.
As for the verse you quoted; that was not talking about Salvation, but about learning; about understanding what the Holy Spirit is trying to teach you; if you are lost; (natural man) the Holy Spirit can't teach you, so it all seems foolishness.
Yep! You are Arminian.
That means you are polishing up the old Roman Catholic salvation by works and applying it heretically to your theology.

Good luck with the human effort!!
Sorry you cannot trust God for salvation!!

News Item5/6/14 2:59 PM
a n a  Find all comments by a n a
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Stevenr wrote:
Accepting a gift is nothing like working for one. The ONLY work that I did was believing;
Are you saying then that the mortal has a human choice - ie accept the gift - or reject the gift?

If that is your position then it is Arminian.

If this is your conviction then how does the mortal get over ....
1Cor 2:14 "But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned"

News Item4/1/14 4:57 PM
Ana | Thema  Find all comments by Ana
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What about Noah?

News Item1/1/14 5:51 AM
Ana | Baptist  Find all comments by Ana
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SteveR wrote:
If you are indeed new here (yeah right), then you are in for quite a treat. The broad brush of demonizing entire denominations is rampant. So I would encourage you to practice what you preach when you are here and please dont be duplicit with IDs.
Anyhow...In the past on the MB the burning of Michael Servetus at the stake by Reformed Christians dominanted by John Calvin has been used to demonize the ENTIRE Reformed community. My response was not to excuse that act, but rather offer a historical backdrop on which that took place.
Happy NY.
I never said I was new here, but I have not posted before and your cynicism is unwarranted. I am asking you to provide proof of your allegations and all you do is throw out further general allegations (such as whole denominations being demonized). As for your statement that you have tried to provide a historical backdrop, if your highly inaccurate treatment of the Anabaptists is an indication of the level of accuracy of your other offerings I would say that you have probably caused more consternation than been a help.

Now, if you're ready, please stop the evasion and let's get to the proof of your allegations here. I suspect though that you have none but your own subjective opinion of matters.

News Item12/31/13 6:46 PM
Ana | Baptist  Find all comments by Ana
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SteveR wrote:
Rather than hide behind multiple IDs trying to trap me, just discount or ignore my opinion and read actual Reformation history about the Anabaptists. Start your study in The Anabaptist Commune of Münster 1534 -1535
I have not used multiple IDs, though the use of such is not prohibited on this site.

I am very interested in your ability or otherwise to tell the truth. And would like to stay here to discover this. Besides I have read plenty on the Anabaptists and know for a fact that you are misrepresenting the vast majority of them. But I shall demonstrate this (DV) in the coming days.

So the proof of your allegation please, unless this is just another unfounded assertion, which you hoped would go unchallenged and for which you would not be brought to book.

News Item12/31/13 6:28 PM
Ana | Baptist  Find all comments by Ana
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SteveR wrote:
Its part of a series of same inaccuracy that has infected this board since Ive been here. The false notion that Anabaptists were persecuted for no reason other than the devil wanted to supress them, rather than the actual historical record. Any simpleton can google the various peasant revolts and the Commune in Munster to see for themselves.
I have not read any comments to that effect. What I have read seems to contend that no person should ever have to suffer death for their beliefs. Can you point to all the posts that form this series of inaccuracies you speak of?

News Item12/31/13 6:03 PM
Ana | Baptist  Find all comments by Ana
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SteveR wrote:
Im on record here in support of Saints in the Baptist churches, my response was a rebuttal to Mike historically ignorant comment.
I will say the WICKED spirit of those early Anabaptists is here on this messageboard, and it will drag many to perdition
Can you point me to the exact historical inaccuracy in Mike's statement? I cannot actually spot any reference to historical matters in his post! He merely commented on the citation from Durrant.

News Item12/31/13 5:15 PM
Ana | Baptist  Find all comments by Ana
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SteveR wrote:
Are you really this ignorant of history? Anabaptists were Protestant jihadis
Great googling ability, in order to devilishly judge a whole movement by the extremes!

You might want to study some of their confessions at the following site before passing such hasty judgement. After all, you pretend to care for the elect of God, do you not?

Anabaptist Confessions of Faith

Sermon7/21/13 12:13 PM
Ana | West Indies  Find all comments by Ana
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Why God Laughs
Stephen Bratton
“ An Eye Opener ”
This was an eye opener and caused me to understand the word of God when He says, Fret no because of evil doers. He is in control and He is King. He reigns today and those who deny Him do not affect His Kingship. Praise be to the Lord God Almighty, Creator of Heaven and Earth!

Sermon5/31/13 10:33 AM
ana | Singapore  Find all comments by ana
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“ Great Sermon! ”
Thank you for the awakening message. Im blessed. God bless your church. Preach on! Rev 22:12

Sermon4/9/12 3:39 PM
Ana | South America  Find all comments by Ana
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Who is Jesus Christ
Priscilla Del Aguila
“ Interesting ”
These interviews are quite interesting. I have noticed that most say that they question God and what they believe in their teen years. Sometimes what they decide is challenged in University and then their world view is changed. A lot of people do not know what they believe, it sounds like, because they can't be bothered to think about it. It sounds like it is too troublesome for them to consider their souls. I find that University seems to be the place where the most dissuasion takes place. Perhaps these places that are reputed to be places where wisdom is learned are in fact places where foolishness can be learned as well. On another note - every time I hear you speak I do marvel at the leaps and bounds you seem to be making. I am not talking about your interviewing skills. I am speaking about your growth in Christ.May you always be thirsty for His living water and may you never stop drinking of it. Your voice sounds so very much like my relative and she is not saved and so every time I hear you I think of her and pray for her salvation. God bless you and give you strength!

Sermon12/18/10 11:11 PM
Ana  Find all comments by Ana
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Dependent by Design
Dr. Jim Berg
“ Great Sermon! ”
This wonderful sermon is one I have listened to over and over again. It seems that every time I hear this sermon the Lord exposes another aspect of my self-dependence. It comes back to the bent my heart has towards pride. The amazing thing is there is nothing more liberating than for the weary soul to be submitted to the sovereign will of the Lord of Glory. I can’t help but remember at this time the song that says, “I can hear the Savior say, “Thy strength indeed is small, child of weakness watch and pray, find in ME thy ALL and All.”

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada
United Reformed Church of Thunder Bay

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Contending for the Faith
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