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AUG 30, 2015
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 69 user comments posted recently.
Product2/28/15 3:16 PM
gabriel smit | south africa  Find all comments by gabriel smit
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“ Great Book! ”
in Christ

Product2/13/15 11:51 AM
Still Waters Revival Books | Edmonton, Alberta  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Still Waters Revival Books
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Greetings David! The item here is "PAUL WASHER PURITAN HARD DRIVE REVIEW" and if you click on the links above they takes you to PAUL WASHER'S PURITAN HARD DRIVE REVIEW (at This review is free. We do have pages on SermonAudio for the Puritan Hard Drive itself and the price is noted on these pages. The links on these pages go to our Puritan Hard Drive pages at I hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

Product2/11/15 11:21 PM
David Tutwiler | Boise area  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by David Tutwiler
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“ Great Book! ”
"Today's Price: Free!"

I think that's very misleading.
I went to all of the links including the external ones and then found out you have to buy one to get one free.

I don't think this was intentional but you ought to fix this so others are not offended.

Thank you,

Product11/11/14 1:48 PM
Melvin W. Phenix | Pasadena, Texas  Contact via emailFind all comments by Melvin W. Phenix
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“ Great Book! ”
several years back I purchased 2 boxes of this Gospel of John and would like to order more. I love the format and like to pass them out. How can I get more?

Product4/23/14 1:10 AM
Tony Hebert | Nevada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Tony Hebert
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“ Dr. Phillips is a Fantastic Bible Teacher ”
I have known Dr. James Phillips for 15 years. I have a M.A. in Theology from a leading conservative Baptist University. But when I listen to Dr. Phillips teach, I learn a wealth of information about the Bible that I did not learn in university. If one wants to really learn the Bible, there is no better way to do it than to listen to Dr. Phillips teachings. Listen as much as you can, takes notes, and learn to really utilize your Bible as God's Word to YOU!!

Product3/26/14 10:05 AM
Curtis Fitts | Caledonia, New York  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Curtis Fitts
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“ We need more ”
We tried to order 100 of these - but we haven't heard back - we are hoping to have them before Resurrection Day - can you send instructions for ordering to Thanks!

Product10/7/13 3:33 PM
vijaya valentina | Malaysia  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by vijaya valentina
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“ Great hoook! ”
My dear partner in the work of the Lord iam glad to near from you.Any TOUR EVENT is coming up. Please let me hear for now.

Product8/30/13 2:12 AM
Tommie Scott | Las Vegas  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Tommie Scott
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One must get whole series. I could not put this book down.Because of conviction, and then a deep hunger to see God come in Revival I read the whole series in under a week. Dr. Johnston Does an A plus job in writing this book.

God Bless

Product7/25/12 4:49 PM
Brother GG | Abbotsford, BC, Canada  Go to homepageFind all comments by Brother GG
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“ A Needful Biographical Volume! ”
"I believe the life of George whitefield to be such a example of one like the Apostle Paul of old was fully surrounded and submitted to God's will. Whitefield walked in moment to moment obedience to Gods Spirit and thundered the Gospel to the Christ-less masses. It was the same Spirit that indwell the great apostles of old that lived in Whitefield and lives in us also. May we pray for the portion of the Spirit that Whtiefield had to be given to many evangelists in our day. This volume by Brother Ernest Johnston is a masterpiece that captures the life and labours of this man of God many of us admire. It is being offered at a great price and being re-published for the American audience. I whole-heartily recommend it to any saints who would be interested in this life of Whitefield:" - Greg Gordon (Founder of

Product3/28/12 7:55 PM
Greg Hurd | Rogersville, Tennessee  Contact via emailFind all comments by Greg Hurd
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“ Great Book! ”
Very well-written, and most importantly, scripturally accurate, discription of the true Church of God. Thank you Pastor Fortner for your faithfullness to the word of God, and your committment to proclaim it without apology!

Product2/12/12 9:36 AM
Stephen Wright | northern ireland  Contact via emailFind all comments by Stephen Wright
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“ Great Video clips ”
The Q&A clips by Dr.Cairns are packed full of truth that deal with hard questions. It would be great to have the DVD available in the UK so it can be given out to people

Product12/22/11 11:25 AM
Marilyn | Bakersfield, California  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Marilyn
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“ Great Book! ”
This is a fantastic study on the Charismatic movement from the standpoint of the original Greek and Hebrew languages. Everyone interested in this subject should listen to this class ( A Study of the Charismatic Gifts) that Dr, Jim taught on 12-21-2011 and read this little book ( The Near Cult).

Product12/19/11 5:17 AM
alasdair Nicholson | Kidderminster, UK  Contact via emailFind all comments by alasdair Nicholson
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“ Great Book! ”
Dear Sermon Audio. This looks like a really good tool, I have been greatly blessed by Alan Cairns through SA. Please make it available for folk in the UK.Thankyou.

Product11/17/11 3:27 PM
Bruce | Southwest Utah  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Bruce
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“ Wonderful Work for Natives & all Americans ”
A MUST READ for Native Americans and anyone who Cares about them. This is One Of Dr. Jim Phillips Greatest works.
You can tell The Great spirit had His
hand on him when he wrote the book.
EVERY NATIVE Family should have a copy
of this book!

Product8/19/11 4:31 PM
P J Gordon | Helensburgh, Scotland  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by P J Gordon
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“ Great Book! ”
This is an important DVD‚Äôs and was shocked in a happy way, that this is being set up and advertised on SA and I hope one day they will be available here in the UK for Scotland. I miss Dr. Alan Cairns weekly sermons but these gems of (Q&A) Questions & Answers pack are easy to understand for anyone and I use the You Tube copies to share online. I pray these DVD packs are spread like you have done with ‚ÄúLet the Bible Speak Radio‚ÄĚ that pack a punch that changed my life and can change others for ever.

Product3/26/11 10:10 AM
Linus Chua | Singapore  Protected NameContact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Linus Chua
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(This product is no longer available)
“ Great Book! ”
"Your kind gift of Catechism in Conversation arrived safely and in good shape and I wanted to say a hearty 'thank you' for thinking of me. It looks to me like you have performed a 'Thomas Watson' for modern folks! Thank you so much for such a useful tool."
-Rev. Dr. Dale Ralph Davis, Presbyterian Church in America

"I have been enjoying your previous book on the catechism. Very nicely done. Very creative. I haven't finished it yet because one of our elders wanted to read it, so I will finish it when I get it back. Again, thank you."
-Rev. Dr. Philip Kayser, Presbyterian Church in America

"Recommended reading for those who want an easy way to remember the Shorter Catechism. The conversational style makes it easier to not only remember the questions and answers but Linus includes a dialogue, which contains a simple explanation of each question and answer. Well thought out and written."
-Rev. Dr. Donald J. Musin, Reformed Presbyterian Church General Assembly

"This is an unusual little book but very helpful. The author works his way through the Westminster Shorter Catechism as an imagined conversation between two men. . . . The book is easily read and would make an excellent study for a young Christian."
-Rev. William Macleod, Free Church of Scotland (Continuing)

Product2/13/11 6:41 AM
jeff galinski  Contact via emailFind all comments by jeff galinski
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Service DVDs
“ "Video DVD". ”
513 Ramsdell st
manistee, MI 49660

do you also have a catalog you can send please along with the DVD.

Product1/7/11 4:53 PM
Dr. T. David Gordon | Grove City College  Protected NameFind all comments by Dr. T. David Gordon
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“ Should be Widely Read ”
Prutow's volume will serve very well in either of two capacities: as a seminary text on homiletics, or as a refresher for those who have been preaching for a number of years, and have perhaps forgotten the reasons for the homiletical practices they have adopted. Among the many fine qualities of this very thorough and judicious book are these:
-A thorough appreciation of the contributions of homileticians both of the past and the present;
-An awareness of the distinctive characteristics of orality and oral culture, especially via the work of the the late Dr. Walter J. Ong;
-Genre-specific counsel on sermon preparation from OT and NT narratives, prophetic literature and apocalyptic literature;
-Many succinct, practical directions that themselves grow out of a serious theology of preaching.

I will be very surprised if this does not become a widely-read and sincerely-treasured book that can only have a salutary influence on the church in the third millenium.

Product10/22/10 10:30 AM
Marilyn | Bakersfield, California  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Marilyn
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“ Wonderful Story ”
This is a real true story. It shows the wonderful capacity of love that animals have for each other and the protection they provide for one another. Jim tells this story for others to experience the joy and sometimes sadness that comes when you share your life with others. Peanut was a special little person we will never forget her. Thanks Jim for sharing your love for these sweet animals with others.

Product5/27/10 1:12 AM
Dakotah | Bakersfield, California  Protected NameGo to homepageFind all comments by Dakotah
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“ Great Debate ”
This guy really gives you the facts and in a hurry.
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