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FEB 14, 2016
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· Page 1 ·  Found: 500 user comments posted recently.
Blog2/11/16 11:03 PM
Seeking Sinner | Wells, Texas  Find all comments by Seeking Sinner
• Posted 3 days ago
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I don't understand how or why so many people are against these
saints of God. If the Spirit is alive and in them, WHICH HE IS, then it
only makes sense that so many people would hate and persecute
them for righteousness sake. Blessed are those persecuted for the
name of Jesus. This article is just a fruit of their following Christ.


Blog2/2/16 11:16 AM
truthfollower  Find all comments by truthfollower
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I actually would find it more sad that
anyone would need theses holidays that
originated elsewhere to be happy. if you
love yourself and want to have a good time
you can do that anytime not on some specific
day because everyone else does. at the end
of the day if you have a true belief in the
one true god of the bible, shouldn't you be
trying to do what is needed to uphold those

Blog1/30/16 1:07 AM
Knowthetruth | South  Find all comments by Knowthetruth
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Flee! Do not give the COW even a conversation.
They will deceive and manipulate you to think and believe you are not
saved based on how THEY judge your fruits. This is ungodly and
unbiblical! Dis-associating from your family and friends just because
they don't agree with all of the COWs doctrine is not biblical. You can
come to a conclusion about the COW just by researching their own
website and watching their own videos......Go ahead look up The
Church of Wells and read about all the arrests that their elders have
regarding trespassing, not obeying the laws, and just outright
disrespect and causing disturbances. Look up ex-members
testimonies on how they were treated and what a controlling
environment it is.They show no respect for people, they use
unbiblical ways of street preaching, they show no love. But don't just
base an opinion on what me or other people say. Do your own
research, it won't take long there are MANY red flags. Beware!!

Blog1/29/16 8:46 PM
Moses David | Minnesota  Go to homepageFind all comments by Moses David
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Dear Friends, It is not Christ-like to take
electronic information from the internet,
nor even second-hand information to come to
conclusions about the people of God in The
Church of Wells. I used to be an enemy of
these people when I believed the slander
against them. After coming to know them
well, through more than two years of
interaction with them, I can truly say that
I am blessed to know them. My wife and I
visit there once every month, and truly
enjoy fellowshipping with them. I plead with
you to prayerfully consider meeting them to
know them, before coming to unrighteous
conclusions about these precious blood-
bought saints, who are being persecuted for
righteousness sake.
Love in Christ,
Moses David

Blog1/29/16 2:24 PM
mark mcculley  Find all comments by mark mcculley
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Smeaton, Atonement As Taught By Himself, p
78—The Son of God took sin upon Him, and
bore it simultaneously with the taking of
the flesh, nay, in a sense even prior to the
actual fact of the incarnation. The peculiar
character of the Lord’s humanity, which was,
on the one hand, pure and holy, and yet, on
the other, a curse-bearing humanity, plainly
shows that in some sense He was the sin-
bearer from the moment of His sending, and,
therefore, even prior to His actual

Blog1/29/16 2:22 PM
mark mcculley  Find all comments by mark mcculley
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p 78, Atonement as Taught by Christ Himself

Thus the Lamb of God appeared without
inherent sin or taint of any kind, but never
without the sin of others. The sin of man
was not first imputed to Him or borne by Him
when He hung on the cross, but in and with
the assumption of man's nature, or, more
precisely, in and with His mission. The very
form of a servant, and His putting on the
likeness of sinful flesh, was an argument
that sin was already transferred to Him and
borne by Him; and not a single moment of the
Lord's earthly life can be conceived of in
which He did not feel the harden of the
divine wrath which must otherwise have
pressed on us for ever. Hence, "to hear sin"
is the phrase of God's word for freeing us
from its punishment.
Because He bore sin, and was never seen
without it, it may be affirmed that the
mortality which was comprehended in the
words, "Thou shalt surely die"—that is, all
that was summed up in the wrath and curse of
God,—was never really separated from Him,
though it had its hours of culmination and
its abatements. Hence, without referring
further at present to the character of the
suffering, it evidently appears that, as the
sin-bearer, He all through life discerned
and felt the penal character of sin as the

Blog1/24/16 8:36 PM
Tim Earl | E Tn  Find all comments by Tim Earl
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Need prayer for many areas in life today. Ty

Blog1/22/16 9:11 PM
Randall Atnip | ST louis  Contact via emailFind all comments by Randall Atnip
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God bless him he looks likE a very
great man with a lots of love in his
heart.he reminds me of my dad so I
know he has a big heart.

Blog1/22/16 9:05 PM
Randall Atnip | ST louis  Contact via emailFind all comments by Randall Atnip
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I pray for a fast healing . God will
take care of him. Just pray and
believe and it will be done.

Blog1/12/16 1:43 PM
John Burke | Santa Cruz  Contact via emailFind all comments by John Burke
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"The spiritually mature always turn to God for help in times of
anxiety, distress, confusion, or unrest in the soul, and they are
assured of wise counsel and deliverance."

In actuality, sometimes God may leave us in a state of anxiety,
distress, confusion or unrest---this is the testing of the soul, which
Christians have experienced in all centuries.
John Burke, PhD

Blog12/21/15 1:26 PM
W...on. W son  Find all comments by W...on. W son
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Will be attending all being well and probably taken part

Blog12/14/15 10:19 PM
Scott | Texas  Find all comments by Scott
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Don't forget the 1st part of 2 Peter 3 vs.9 which says, "long suffering
to us". Peter is writing to believers (2 Peter 1 vs.1;2 Peter 3 vs1) and
are a different group than the scoffers in vs.3. It seems clear to me
that it is the elect that He is not willing to perish and come to
repentance. If God desired everybody to repent and be saved could
He not do it? John 5 vs.21; John 17 vs.2; 2 Timothy vs.24-25.

Blog12/13/15 8:08 AM
mark mcculley  Find all comments by mark mcculley
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Blog11/14/15 6:45 PM
Rick Meadows | Dacula, Georgia  Contact via emailFind all comments by Rick Meadows
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I am skilled in carpentry,Painting Drywall
and hard work. I would be more than glad to
give my services to you. Let me know if
there is something you still need done to
the manor church. God bless you and your
willing heart for such a great task for His
glory. Rick

Blog10/20/15 11:59 AM
Annie Alexander | Canada  Find all comments by Annie Alexander
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Please pray for Canada and for the peace of Jerusalem as we go thru change we can believe in after our elections yesterday.

Blog10/12/15 10:46 PM
Robert Matheson | Willow Grove, N.B. Canada  Contact via emailFind all comments by Robert Matheson
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1 John 2:1,2 and Isaiah 53:6 Who will you believe, John Calvin or God?? I have chosen to believe God!!

Blog10/6/15 3:53 PM
Joilson | Brasil  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Joilson
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Obra esta sendo transmitida com Amor Ă© muito
satisfatĂłrio eu passar aqui! E Ler a leitura de
Jeová! Que Deus abençoe.Amém

Blog10/4/15 10:08 AM
wilma kunard | hudsonville  Contact via emailFind all comments by wilma kunard
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I missed this entire sermon. I could not get it to come on my
computer. I have had trouble before but this time I missed it
all. very disappointing.

Blog9/29/15 9:04 PM
Ivarene Bennett | Crossville ,Alabama  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Ivarene Bennett
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I started listening to SermonAudio a
while back,I really don't remember just
when,but l have downloading sermons from
Pastor Steele.I can't say in words just
what his sermons has said to me.But the
one word that comes to my mind is
truth.Someday in Eternity I can meet
him.I pray that God will keep his
ministry going for many years to come.

Blog9/13/15 12:16 PM
Sue Golebiewski | Lima OH  Contact via emailGo to homepageFind all comments by Sue Golebiewski
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I really appreciate the Islam update sermons that Pastor Monte does (though I listen to all his sermons) each Sept. Thank you so much for today's update on ISIS. There were some things that I wasn't aware of that are of great importance for the Christian to know. I pray all who are able to listen to this sermon come away with a better understanding of Islam and the times we are living in.... it is truly time to look up for our salvation is near.
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